Bruno Cidra – contraforte

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Bruno Cidra - contraforte

Tráfico will resume its exhibitions’ program inviting the artist Bruno Cidra.

Espaço Fábulas space – pertaining to a Pombaline bulding reclassified after a recent past calamitous episode, by Architect Siza Vieira; part of the beating core of the city of Lisbon and irrefutably belonging to the History of the City deserved careful attention of Cidra, who prepared his intervention with two sculptural works.

The space was visually measured by the artist.
Its architectonic elements: columns, vaults and arches, considered and made as challenges.
The two pieces result from a dialectic between the artist and the exhibition space, which Cidra intervenes poetically breaking the inflexible austerity of the place.

If in one of the works its specific nature is unavoidable, in the other we could imagine it as the materialization of an intersection plane, which cuts the space separated by one of the exhibition space’s arches.
In both, Cidra signs his work incorporating the already cited poetry, based on the materials that have been a presence in his body of work: iron, paper and wood.

The use of these materials, in tension and precarious balance, pleas for a disarming minimalism which starts from sculpture’s core and fundamental questions and serves as metaphors for existential dualities – as fragility and strength or sustained and sustainer.

Opening at November 17th, at Espaço Fábulas.

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