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Altermodernism has become an art buzzword during these latest times.
Nicolas Bourriaud, one French curator and art critic caused a controversy in the art world when referred the contemporary moment on arts, as Altermodern.

In “The Radicant”, Bourriaud shapes the differences with the moment considered prior to ours – Postmodernism giving examples that separate current artists and practices from the ones considered postmodernists.

Though his ideas might be questionable¹ for some, Bourriaud points of view may be seen as important tools to all those that want to understand Contemporary Art.
Curiously, when he was still one of the directors of Palais de Tokyo, Bourriaud organized one exhibition called Traffic.

Bourriaud was selected as the curator for the fourth Tate Britain Triennial, which he named “Altermodern”, thus putting in practice the ideas he has been discussing since his book “Relational Aesthetics”.

Currently, Nicolas Bourriaud is also the Gulbenkian curator at Tate Britain and he will be at Lisbon to discuss, in what he calls the epilogue (anticipated by the four prologues: Altermodern, Exiles, Travels, Borders, which were events part of the Triennial), Altermodernity concept.
The conference will happen at Centro de Arte Moderna da Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, at June 23th, at 6:30pm. This event is free.

¹ Questionable, as some say, these ideas were developed during a prosperous economic time, which in part created the illusion that traveling was an easy task and geopolitical borders, something of less importance. The latest events like the swine flu or even the several third-world countries populations’ exodus to more developed countries; or even other events like war, terrorism and alike have been forcing governments throughout the world to take restrictive measures; thus proving the opposite.

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