Globalization originated a space of homogeneous negotiation, as well as new possibilities of displacement and communication.

Migrations and exiles, constant today, create new forms of interaction between individuals and have an impact on how these individuals grasp the world they live in and act thereon.

Presence, formerly enrooted in one place, gives way to a more diffused form of presence – one would say, ubiquitous, or that is the illusion and dream of our time. Mobility generates “contaminations” between those who arrive and those who depart – a passage point which, with its beginning and temporary end, reinforces the uncertainty and frailty of the relationship we have with space/time today. How does this new space, marked also by temporality or an almost “limbo”, influence the work of contemporary artists?

Faced with these challenges, artists act as symbol smugglers – absorbing, processing, transforming and transporting symbols, both old and new, into their work.

Tráfico is a passage point, an exchange place where artists can meet with an attentive public, while giving the latter the opportunity to take part in the discussion and reflection; thus providing a new context that can again be transported to another location.

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