André Gonçalves

André Gonçalves André Gonçalves (Vila Franca de Xira, Portugal, 1979)

Lisbon based sound and media artist .

In exhibition contexts have shown works in media festivals and galleries like:
Nam June Paik Art Center, Seoul; File Festival,São Paulo; New York Digital Salon, New York; Untitled Art Space, Oklahoma City; Egan Research Center, Boston; Media Lab Madrid, Madrid; Ura Gallery, Istambul; Offload Festival, Bristol; Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon; Lisboa 20 Gallery, Lisbon; Um Festival, Lisbon; EME Festival, Lisbon and Tráfico, also at Lisbon

Performed in the festivals and venues like:Experimental Intermedia Foundation, Diapason, Monkeytown, Share, New York; IAO Gallery, Oklahoma City; Lab Synthèse, Montreal; Steim, Amsterdam; ICA, London; Arnolfini Arts Center, Bristol; Pixelache Festival, Helsinqui; 0047 Gallery, Oslo; Centre Zitelli, Venice; Vermelho Gallery, São Paulo; Studio Live, Istambul; L’Antic Teatre, Barcelona; La Casa Encendida, Madrid; Museu Vostell Malpartida, Cáceres; IFI, Pontevedra; and pretty much everywhere in Lisbon, Oporto and throughout Portugal.

In improvised contexts, among many others, played with:
Achim Wollscheid, Antonio Della Marina, Ben Owen, David Maranha, Eric La Casa, Gil Arno, Jez Riley French, John Klima, Keiko Uenishi, Kenneth Kirschner, Manuel Mota, Marc Behrens, Margarida Garcia, Michel Waisvisz, Noid, Paulo Raposo, Phill Niblock, Richard Garet, Sei Miguel, Tim Hecker, Toshio Kajiwara, Tom Bugs.

Among others had residencies in Experimental Intermedia Foundation and Location One, New York; STEIM, Amsterdam; Interactivos07, Media Lab Madrid.

Workshops with Christina Kubisch, Michel Waisvisz, Lotta Melin, Jason Kahn, Zachary Lieberman, Karsten Schmidt and Marius Watz.

[in chronological order]
Ok.suitcase: ‘customs’ , Grain of Sound (pt);
Ok.suitcase:’minus one’, Stasisfield (usa);
Ok.suitcase:’-sf’, ‘effervescence manifeste’ V.A., Efervescence(fr)
Ok.suitcase:’04′, Crónica Electrónica (pt);
Ok.suitcase:’-sf 0905-04′, ‘Essays on Radio’ Crónica Electrónica (pt);
Ok.suitcase:’-sf 1106-04′, ‘Antmanuv Micro’ Antmanuv (can);
In Her Space: ‘No Body Needed’, Bor Land(pt)
Specimen~: ‘-sf’, ‘Base’ V.A., Lisbon City Records (pt)
Etch: ’19 mutant minutes’, ‘one mutant minute’ V.A., Grain of Sound (pt)
Iodo: ‘capermoon’, ‘costarring from cherry farm II’ V.A., Cherry Music(jp)
Last Time This Happened We Had a Street Party: ’sc~1+1+1′, ‘Sonic Scope 04 The Portable Edition’ V.A., Grain of Sound (pt)
Stapletape: ’(radio edit)’, ‘Sonic Scope 04 Portable Edition’ V.A., Grain of Sound (pt)
Stapletape: ’wet dream’, ‘30 mutant seconds’ V.A., Grain of Sound (pt)
Anabela Duarte Digital Quartet, ‘blank melodies’, Sabotage (pt)
André Gonçalves: ‘untitled’ , ‘untitled songs’ V.A., Sirr(pt)
André Gonçalves + Kenneth Kirschner: ‘resonant objects’ , Sirr(pt)
EA: ‘Balancing Act with Controlled Dynamics’, Winds Measure(us)
Gigantiq: ‘Test Loops’, Ristretto(pt)
Feltro: ‘Sunburnt’, Test Tube(pt)
Feltro: ‘Intermission’, Crónicaster 021, Crónica Electrónica(pt)
Feltro: ‘I Might Have Seen You the Other Day’, Plexigos 006, Grain of Sound(pt)
André Gonçalves: ‘Serenade’, ‘Soundrawing’ V.A., Transacoustic research (au)
Variable Geometry Orchestra: ‘Stills’, Creative Sources(pt)
Safe and Sound: ’Anacanthous’, ‘Atlantic Waves 2007 Festival Sampler’ V.A., Calouste
Gulbenkian Foundation(pt)
André Gonçalves: ’ I‘ll Be Sleeping’, ‘Atlantic Waves 2007 FestivalSampler’ V.A.,
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation(pt)
Feltro: Live at Offf Festival, Crónicaster 038, Crónica Electrónica(pt)
Feltro: ‘That was Then’, ‘Sonic Scope 2008 – Live at Fonoteca Municipal de Lisboa’, V.A., Grain of Sound(pt)

Represented by Lisboa 20 Gallery, at Lisbon:

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